Being in the same situation for few weeks now is not easy. I have been asking my friends about some timeless TV classics that I can easily find on various streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. After some investigation here is my list of some of the most comforting and feel-good shows ever:

1. FRIENDS (Netflix)

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I heard about the show a long time ago but I did not take any interest in watching it, thinking that the show might not be as alluring as it was in 1990s when it came out. However, taking the advice of my best friend, I watched the first season and I would say it’s pretty, pretty good. Hence, I would definitely recommend you to go for “Friends” first if you have not watched yet.

“Friends” is American sitcom television series and is a smart, sophisticated comedy that looks into the hearts and minds of a group of friends living in New York. The show was first released in 1994 but I think the craze for the show among people will remain evergreen.

2. “THE BIG BANG THEORY” (Netflix and CTV)

There is no doubt that my second suggestion for you guys after FRIENDS would be “TBBT”. I completed watching the last episode of TBBT just before I started writing this article. Well, I started watching this show before a year but still I had not completed watching the last season till today as this show has taken a special place in my heart and I could not get over it.

The show revolves around the lives of brilliant physicists who understand how the universe works but have no clue about how to interact with people.


I would recommend you to stream this show only after TBBT. The young kid in here is no other than one of the brilliant physicists from the big bang theory “Sheldon Lee Cooper”. However, once you start the series I bet you would want to complete the whole season in a day and yes I would not forget to say the kid is not only charming but also intelligent.

4. “30 Rock” (Hulu and Amazon Prime)

I find this sitcom television series hilarious. There is an interesting fact about this is that the series’s
name reference to 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York city, the address of the comcast building where
NBC studios are located and where Saturday night live is written, produced and performed.

5. “BOJACK HORSEMAN” (Netflix)

BoJack Horseman is American animated web series. It is regarded as one of the greatest
animated series of all time, therefore if you like animated series this would be the one to

This series tells the story of BoJack Horseman, “the washed-up star of 1990s sitcom who plans
his return to celebrity relevance with an autobiography to be written by his ghost writer Diane

6. “THE VAMPIRE DIARIES” (Netflix and CW)

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural teen drama TV series. This includes thriller, romance
between humans and vampires and many more mythological stories, so if you are a drama
lover, give it a shot.

The story is about two vampires (Salvator Brothers) who fall in love with one girl and how they
fight for their love in war between humans and vampires.

7. “THE ORIGINALS” (Amazon prime)

The Originals is the spin-off series, so you would definitely want to watch The Vampire Diaries
first in order to figure out who the main characters are and what they’re up to prior to klaus
heading over to New Orleans.

The originals were introduced in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ however their storyline is continued in
their own TV show “The Originals”.

8. “STRANGER THINGS” (Netflix)

Stranger Things is an original netflix science fiction, drama-horror web television series. The
show is about children fighting a dangerous creature who is preying on them. It is more like a
thriller rather than horror. So if you love watching thrillers I bet you would send an entire day on

9. “THE WALKING DEAD” (Netflix)

The situation today reminds me of this series. As a person infected by corona virus can be
dangerous for the other person out there, in the same manner the zombies in The Walking
Dead are out hunting for people to eat their flash.

The Walking Dead is an post apocalyptic-horror TV series and is based on a comic book by
Robert Kirkman. If you really enjoy watching horror stuff in your isolated time I personally would
recommend this TV show.

10. “THE 100” (Netflix)

The 100 is post apocalyptic- science fiction drama TV series. Well I am not a science fiction fan.
SO, did not prefer watching this show until I got bored sitting at home and thought giving it a try.
I would say it is worth watching.

Juvenile prisoners from a space-station society are exiled to Earth decades after the
planet was destroyed by nuclear war.

11. “SHERLOCK” (Netflix)

Sherlock is a British crime television series. It would be a rare case that people may
have not heard about Sherlock Holmes and his ability to solve detective cases. This
series is all about different cases solved by a “consulting detective” (Sherlock Holmes).

The story line is simply wonderfull and the story is intriguing as well. The clues for the
cases are so well played that one could never figure out. Overall, the show is just
fantastic, and honestly one of the best shows I have ever watched.


If you are an anime lover and also you are into psychological thrillers, this thing is a
must see. If you are not sure, give yourself a try by watching at least 3 episodes it
should definitely hook you by then.

Death Note is a Japanese animation series, a teen stumbles across a mysterious
notebook: “The Death Note” that grants him the ability to kill any person by writing its
name. However his intentions are good and he uses it but turns out to be used negatively.

13. “GAME OF THRONES” (HBO And Hulu)

Game Of Thrones is a fantasy drama TV series. GOT has several plots and a large
cast. Last year I watched it for the first time and I have to say since then I watched the
whole show over again. I would suggest if you do not get the plot still watch the whole
first season as it does take a while to get into it as there are so many characters and
story-line going on.

GOT is worth watching despite the ending was criticised by the people, for sure most
people liked it

14. “BREAKING BAD” (Netflix)

Breaking Bad is the highest rated fictional TV show so if you find crime, drama Tv
shows interesting then go for Breaking Bad it’s awesome. It has great story-line,
screenplay and dialogues as well. Talking about “suspense” you would not even be
able to guess what will happen next.

15. “MONEY HEIST” (Netflix)

Mostly I pick-up any TV series after analysing the reviews or if anyone suggests any
particular show but I randomly picked this one and I would say it has been a real treat. I
watched it in almost a day and it felt like a rollercoaster until I completed it.

Money Heist is a spanish television heist crime series. The story is about a robbery
carried out with utmost planning hence making it a more suspenseful story.

16. “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” (Netflix and Amazon Prime)

As the name suggests it’s not for the people who get scared easily, but if you are not
one of them then you should give it a shot. However, it is not only horror with some
Ghosts around but also has Vampires, Witches, Villains and Heroes.

17. “THE BOYS” (Netflix and Amazon Prime)

The Boys is the more real superhero TV show. It made me feel like what if “Super
Heros Being Real”. The Boys is the polar opposite of Avengers Endgame but if you are
a superhero fan you must give it a try as this show was entertaining and the conce[t
here was fresh and the ending is pretty nuts.

18. “The Flash” (Netflix and CW)

I have Justice League but the role of Flash (Grant Gustin) in the TV show has
fascinated me more than the movie. The detailed journey of Flash has been described
in the TV show and that is the reason I am more fond of the FLASH series.

The show is real fun as it follows crime, mystery, love and speed. The Flash is one of
the best TV shows and it will SPEED its interest and popularity to the world.

19. “DC TITANS” (Netflix)

I used to love watching teen titans go to cartoon shows. However, the DC Titans TV
show released last year, it is more darker and realistic and it combines a mysterious
story-line, superpowers, the supernatural and ultra-violent fights with evolving
characters and emotional moments.

DC Titans is really a great show don’t miss it.

20. “The Mandalorian” (Disney+)

If you are a Star Wars die hard fan then you might be knowing who is the Mandalorian.
Even if you are not it is still a great watch. This science fiction show has no lightsabers,
no force. It is just a simple western in space with a few weird faces.

The Mandalorian is a sci-fi TV show created by Jon Favreau with Pedro Pascal.

21.”BROOKLY NINE NINE” (Netflix and Hulu)

This would probably be the best live-action network comedy that I have watched. This
show explores many topics and is so diverse. It is incredibly funny but at the same time
it also shows important things which can change the perspective of life. Overall, I would
definitely recommend B99.


The content of the show is very cerebral and the story is presented in a beautiful
manner. The cinematography is amazing, music and background score is all the main
attention of this show where there is no dialogue but a simple background tune can set
the tone of the scene very well.
At the end it is worth your time and you will enjoy the show.

23. “THE WITCHER” (Netflix)

I absolutely loved the show!! The cast has done the fantastic job by casting Henry Cavill
as Gerld. If you are a fan of video games, fantasy and good story telling I would highly
recommend this show as your next bing.

24. “VIKINGS” (Netflix and Amazon Prime)

Vikings is the best historical show ever. If you are a fan of warriors, power, wisdom or
anything related to different GOD, then this show is for you. Everything about it is great
and it will make you feel like you are seated in an emotional roller-coaster.

25. “V Wars” (Netflix)

Initially I watched V wars only because it casted Ian Somerhalder, as I watched the further episodes I realised it had some overcrowded vampire genre,which made it a more thrilling well-paced ride. Even if everything in the story is not perfect yet it compels me  to keep watching.

I would say,If you are a true fan of vampires you need to watch V Wars.


What are the 25 Most Comforting TV Shows To Watch in the Lockdown?

1. Friends (Netflix)
2. The Big Bang Theory (Netflix And Ctv)
3. Young Sheldon (Cbs)
4. 30 Rock (Hulu And Amazon Prime)
5. Bojack Horseman (Netflix)
6. The Vampire Diaries (Netflix And Cw)
7. The Originals (Amazon Prime)
8. Stranger Things (Netflix)
9. The Walking Dead (Netflix)
10. The 100 (Netflix)
11. Sherlock (Netflix)
12. Death Note (Netflix)
13. Game Of Thrones (Hbo And Hulu)
14. Breaking Bad (Netflix)
15. Money Heist (Netflix)
16. American Horror Story (Netflix And
Amazon Prime)
17 The Boys (Netflix And Amazon Prime)
18.the Flash (Netflix And Cw)
19. Dc Titans (Netflix)
20. The Mandalorian (Disney+)
21.brookly Nine Nine (Netflix And Hulu)
22. Westworld (Hbo)
23. The Witcher (Netflix)
24. Vikings (Netflix And Amazon Prime)
25. V Wars (Netflix)