Montreal is probably by far one of the most well-dressed cities in Canada. This city though has gone through a few losses in the last few years; losing Mango, Esprit, BCBG and other European brands. Even though Montreal fashion-lovers are safe, quality lovers have been struggling a tat. Quality clothing is rare to find and prices have gotten more expensive, even for Forever 21 and H&M; and while their quality isn’t that great, it’s slightly better than what it used to be 5 years ago. Given the unified theme in patterns and styles, standing out in Montreal is hard; when you walk down the streets during the summer (let’s be honest) – everyone is dressed the same. The real-deal fashionistas out there who are looking to combine European styles are probably wondering where to shop in Montreal to get the best styles, in the best quality and for the best value (well, you may need to splurge a bit more for better quality). Below is a list of Montreal’s most outstanding and reasonably priced stores in downtown.


COS is the higher end of H&M and they nailed it! COS offers by far some of the best and timeless quality clothing you can find in Montreal. The store is spacious, well-organized and has just enough items that it isn’t overwhelming. Item prices though span between $80+.

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Best clothing stores Montreal

This store has been open in Montreal for a few years now and people are still intimidated to walk in due to the prices, but compared to some of the prices at H&M, I find it reasonably priced on most items. The store has gained a lot of popularity in the last year due to the quality of their fabrics and their amazing cuts. Their clothes make people look on-point so effortlessly. I’ve never worn an item from there where people didn’t stop me to ask where I got it from, even when I was in the States.

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Club Monaco

Club Monaco Montreal

Oh, Club Monaco! How I love you. Classic, clean, incredibly pricy but items bought from there will never run out of style. Great place to shop if you’re willing to splurge and spend over $120 on an item. Not worth it for T-Shirts and other basics though.

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Topshop Montreal

I wish we had more Topshop in Montreal! Topshop is one of the most popular brands around the world. Their collection in Montreal is scarce in comparison to Toronto, but it’s a great place for denim and unique European styles. You can find Topshop in downtown Montreal at The Bay.

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Armani Exchange


You never find this store busy and it is a gold mine so as long as you avoid the graphic tees that have the AX brand logo on it. They have amazing skirts, pants and jackets that are truly statement pieces for your closet, not to mention that their basics and accessories are of good quality and price.

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If you like Topshop, you’ll like Editorial. They have incredible clubber style pieces, albeit somewhat overpriced vis-a-vis the quality of some items. The good thing is they have a warehouse sale store right across the street from their main store


I didn’t want to add Zara to my list, since it’s one of the most painful shops to visit in Montreal, especially downtown. If there’s a business model for “how to lose sales,” check out (before checking out) the service challenged and organizationally suspect Zara Montreal downtown store. But to be completely fair, Zara has awesome pieces especially when it comes to shoes and bags. Want a DKNY looking shoe for $40 – Zara is the place to go.

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