1. Kitsch’n Swell

Who doesn’t love pinup vintage? Kitsch’n Swell’s vibrant and eclectic décor reflect the flirty fifties-inspired pinup fashion you’ll find in this boutique. From dainty dresses and skirts to totem pole furniture, you can dress up yourself just as uniquely as your home. Prices are up there between 60$ and 110$. Pants go for around $55 while dresses are on average $60. Kitsch’n Swell is sure to spice up your wardrobe.  


2. KILOfripe

If you’re looking for an outfit to remember, look no further than KILOfripe. An alluring medley of vintage leather, fur, street burlesque and nifty 50s pieces brighten up the store. You can find really cool and rare leather, varsity and suede jackets anywhere between $50- $150. For all the dress lovers out there, they usually range from $60-$180. You are sure to turn heads at any occasion with these keepsake pieces. During those sizzling hot summer months, musicians and artists gather outside the store to showcase their craft, and it’s free!


3. Le Chaînon

Magasin du Chainon

You can never go wrong with a one stop shop that gives back to the community! The store’s humble and welcoming nature make for a pleasant experience. Upon entering Le Chaînon, you’ll see lots of practical clothing, furniture and home decor. Feel even better about your purchases knowing that all funds go to help Montreal women in need. To learn more about the nonprofit organization, Le Chainon, visit their website.


4. Local 23

Since 2002, this Mile End shop has been providing customers with swanky women’s garb. The modern ambiance of Local 23  adds a sense of freshness to the shop. Find a wide selection of 90s attire, which is very hip nowadays, and gently used haute couture items such as a Givenchy 60s coat for $85 or Louboutin for a fraction of the price! Local 23 is guaranteed to make you look chic for less.


5. Annex Vintage

Walk five minutes south of Local 23 and you’ll run into another awesome trendy woman’s vintage shop. Annex Vintage is an ultra-hip mishmash of 90s classic and eccentric frills. If you’re a sucker for accessories, this place has got you covered. According to their website, they house the city’s biggest collection of pins and patches! You’ll also find earrings with funky designs, a ring collection and a plethora of every type of sock imaginable. This place is obsessed with casual tees featuring unique designs and retro sportswear. Let the mixing and matching begin!

For more general info visit HERE

6. E.R.A Vintage Wear

If you really want to embody the essence of vintage, head to E.R.A Vintage Wear open 7/7. The clothes resemble time capsules from the 20s to the 90s that you can couple with contemporary or Victorian style accessories. Thinking of adding some dash to your closet? Garments of every colour are at your fingertips! Prices are not cheap, but you will most certainly find that super-duper vintage getup you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Plus, you can shop for low-priced haute couture items in the comfort of your own home!


7. Les Folles Alliées

Prepare to enter a world of palpable flare. Les Folles Alliées’s kooky exterior mirror the funky pieces found in the shop. Cool hats from almost every decade and rustic leather boots dot the boutique. The jewellery and small handbags have an art deco appeal transporting you back to the twenties! A blue and black striped mannequin bearing a long-curved horn decked out in vintage adornments adds more charisma to the store.

Pricing is moderate.


8. Empire Exchange

Empire Exchange Montreal Vintage Store

Sister store to Annex Vintage and Local 23, Empire Exchange beautifully completes the vintage
chic family. Known as Montreal’s only Buy-Sell- Trade retail store, you can drop off clothes you’d
like to throw away for some cash. Amazing, right? The store carries everything from tweed
coats to books, so if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe and gain some knowledge, this is
the place for you. The soft brown wooden decor, adorned with scented candles, 50s style
sunglasses and a myriad of accessories, evokes a delightful contemporary feel.