During normal times weekends are great, but if you have been at home the whole week?

The current situation around the world, sitting at one place being isolated is something no one wants. Therefore I thought of coming up with some more exciting ideas and activities to do this weekend. 

Here are top 7 things to do at home in Montreal on weekends that dont always include Netflix.

1. Make your own Pizza

Here is an amazing youtube videos on how to make your own pizza.

Otherwise Mama Sofia NDG has an activity solution for these troubled times: Pizza Kits!

Not only does this fulfill the food requirements for the family, but offers a fun activity that all kids enjoy. Each Mama Sofia Pizza Party Kit contains 4 10” pizza plates with dough, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.

You can customize the pizza by adding your own combination of ingredients e.g. mushrooms, green peppers, olives etc.

Once the pizzas are individually dressed, they are baked in your oven at 475 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 8-12 minutes.

Pizza Kits: $25 Pepperoni Kit: $30.00


Order the day in advance and pick it up the next day between 3 to 8 p.m. 514-486-7672

2. Try Yoga!

yoga 514blog

I am quite sure no one would have thought of kicking themselves out of bed early morning and doing some physical exercise.

Starting your early mornings with Yoga and meditation would be helpful not only for your body to stay fit but also it will be a great help for peace of mind.

If you are not habitual to regular exercising, here is the perfect the link that will guide you. 

3. Solve a Giant Jigsaw puzzle

puzzle 514Blog

Now-a-days we get so busy with our schedule that we do not get time to scout out our hobbies. So, I think this is the perfect time when one can start all over again. Research shows puzzles are educational, and offer developmental support for both children and adults. Working with puzzles engages both the right brain and left-brain.

4. Watch Movies and Series 

Give yourself a fresh start in the world of entertainment, get registered on Netflix or on any other web services, select the highest ranked show and give yourself a shot at it. I would say there is nothing refreshing than Web Series. 

If you are confused and have no clue about web series shows you can visit our blog and read the top 25 most comforting TV shows ever

5. Clean the house!

Cleaning 514Blog

I know weekends are to relax and enjoy but at the same time one has got some hand full household chores to do. I would suggest that weekends are the best time to clean your house. Purchase all the necessary stuff and groceries for your home in your free time.

Keeping your house clean is the best exercise you could do. This will even make your child réalise the importance of cleanliness.

6. Read 1 book per week!


As someone has well said, books can be your best friend as well as the best source to gain knowledge. So, why not share the knowledge with family? To make this activity exciting, pick one book each week that would interest your family as well. Now take turns every week to read a book aloud. In this manner you could have your own collection of books and can enjoy a family book club.

7. Do a Photo Shoot

photoshot 514Blog

Nothing can match the happiness of spending time with your family, try to make these moments memorable. Get yourself ready in your stunning outfits and take some family pictures. Be creative when you take pictures, take some funny, some serious and some candid shoots.

Do not forget to take individual shoots as well. Also try to add some props to make pictures interesting.

I am sure when you look at these pictures after years you will have tears of joy in your eyes.