On Friday, September 1st, around noon, a girl with espresso-colored eyes and arched brows messaged me on Hinge. She said that she was leaving the country the next day but wanted to grab a drink anyway. I already had dinner plans so I told her I could only see her late at night and if she was to find a better-earlier date not to worry and to let me know. 

She texted me later that evening and we agreed to meet in front of her building on Rene-Levesque around 11h30pm.

The night was warm. The perfect summer weather lengthened and lingered over Montreal. She walked out in a green bodycon dress. She had dark waist-length hair, olive skin, and spoke French with a strong Parisian accent. I took her to NYKS and we sat at the bar. We ordered 2 shots and 2 drinks. 

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We spoke about nomadism, technology, relationships, emotional stability and what is it like to belong to several cultures, and to never be completly at home again. The conversation was flowing so we moved to a party next door. We clicked and connected and I suggested to change the location to Flyjin in Old Montreal and we took off. 

As we were walking down the hill I realized we will run out of time. I stopped, took her hand and kissed her. She smiled, kissed me back and we jumped into my car. We were in my apartement 30min later. I had goosebumps when I took off her dress. I kissed her neck and back and was slowly getting drunk on her smell. We made love for hours with our bodies and with our hearts and we both knew that we stumbled upon someone that can feed our souls. 

I got her an Uber early in the morning as she was getting dressed. ‘Meditations’ by Marcus Aurelius was on my night stand for months as I was reading it over and over and I gave it to her as a souvenir. 

She left Montreal the next day. It took me 2 days to get back to my senses. She is 6k km away, we kept in touch and the odds seeing each other soon are not high. But now, at least I know what it feels like to be really connected to someone and what I should be looking for in a relationship and in life.