“We didn’t know how much we appreciated it until it was gone,” said Marie-Eve, one of many regulars. 

The doors have been closed for more than a month and there was simply nowhere cool to co-work anymore in the state of Mile End.

Espace L, the only feminist and non-binary co-working space in Montreal shut its doors.

Espace L was founded by two young independent female free-lancers, Yara El-Soueidi, a social media manager, and Eliane Bourque, a copywriter,  who had trouble finding appropriate work-spaces where they felt completely at ease.

So they created a sisterhood, a place where women could discover new things, meet each other and create.

The story was a success. The Link Newspaper published an article about the newly started group and a community grew fast. They opened a coffee shop inside the space and started having thematic evenings dedicated to entrepreneurship, wellness, women rights and challenges. 

And then all of a sudden in June they closed. No one really knew what happened. Personal reasons were cited for closing, leaving distressed members wondering if their favorite co-working space will live again.

Now, on October 1st, Espace L is reopening under a new regime.

Marine Thibault and Tiffany Mirzica decided to take the matter in their hands, buy Espace L, reorganize it and offer  a pre-opening flash sale of 600$ per year or 50$. The open-door with wine and bites this Wednesday, September 19th from 5pm to 10pm. 

In addition to its common work area, small individual offices and its meeting room, a series of events (conferences, meetings, workshops) will be organized to stimulate discussion around the different facets of challenges and projects for women. A coffee shop area and healthy foods are also available on site.

Espace L : 5333 boul. St-Laurent; 

Tel: 514-554-0854

Open-door Event