If you think you know how to search think again! Here are the Top-10 Google searching hacks:

Search By File Type:

Type in filetype:PPT or filetype:doc or filetype:PDF…etc followed by keywords

Ex: filetype:PPT  job interview

Exact quote:

Put your search inside “quotation marks” and Google will search for words in exact order so you can find the exact quote and its origin

“514Blog Is Looking For Writers, Bloggers & Editors”

Define a word:

Type define: followed by the word you want and Google will take you straight to the definition.

Ex: define:monkey

Exclude Certain Words:

Enter your search and add a minus sign (-) followed by the words you want excluded.

Ex: cherry pie recipe -wheat

Search within a range of prices:

Lets say you are looking for an  an item that falls within a certain price range. Type in your term. Then separate the smalest and the highest prices of your range with two periods (..). This trick also works for prices, if you’re, say, looking for

Ex: shirt montreal $10..$15

Search Within A Website:

type site: followed by the URL of the website you’d like to search. Then add your search words.

Ex: Site:reddit montreal coffee shop

Set A Timer: Type “set timer for” in Google and timer will appear as the first result. Enter the time you want and the timer will start beeping when your time runs out.

Ex: Set timer for

Find Number of Pages on a Website:

You may be looking for a number of pages on a website. Open Google search and enter the below search query by replacing the site name with yours: site:sitename.com. Look at the results with the number of indexed pages in Google. Though this may not be the actual count of webpages on a site, it gives an idea of number of indexed pages on Google.

Ex: site:www.reddit.com

Currency Converter:

Type in the name of the currency you want to start with, add “to” and then type in the name of the currency to get converted to.

Ex: us to cad


You can type in an equation and Google will give you the answer

Ex: 23% of 5678

Find A GIF: google images -> search tools -> Type -> Animated

Make Google Flip Out: You want to freak out your friends type “do a barrel roll” and hit enter.

Ex: do a barrel roll