Being a multicultural city, Montreal is famous for its many cuisines. Besides the must-try dishes: bagels, smoked meat, orange julep or poutine, a number of restaurants offers a variety of incredible dishes. It is well known that in Montreal, weekends are for foodies. The situation, however, has changed entirely, busy restaurants have become quiet and weekends have become dull due to sudden outbreak of the pandemic.

Most restaurants have agreed to stop hosting and some have opted to swap to delivery or take-out services for public’s convenience. 

So if you live in Montreal and you are tired of cooking every day here are the best 27 restaurants for take-out and home delivery:

1. La Capital Tacos

Like other restaurants, La Capital Tacos  are currently being restructured from a dine-in to 100% delivery / take-out methods. Visit the Website for more information for take out orders . 

La Capital Taco’s taqueria offers the same regular menu, plus their price reduction menu which includes a party tray in various choices, tortillas and condiments for making your tacos. The portion is for a group of 4. They are receiving positive customer reviews. People are imaginative in making their taco nights, loving their michelada pack, even designing their dishes with the extra they order, including breakfast tacos. 

2. Boustan

boustan 514Blog

Boustan is the best place which serves exotic Middle East and Mediterranean flavours. In this phase of public health crisis, Boustan has kept most of their places open for take-out and accepts online orders as well.

You could directly order either from their website or through the delivery apps: Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, or DoorDash. 

3. Pizza Mama Sofia

Pizza Mama Sofia works differently, creating a pizza with a combination of different toppings which the customer selects according to their preference. In addition, customers are given the opportunity to bake the Pizza at their home that has being prepared at Mama Sofia. This place is affordable and also they do not take taxes there.

Mama Sofia remains open between 3:00 to 8:00pm therefore you can directly walk-in, or you can directly order your pizza at you doorsteps. Visit Facebook Page to get more information, reviews or contact Pizza Mama Sofia.

4. Rawesome


Rawesome offers vegan organic gluten-free cheesecakes along with plant-based cashew cream cheeses, which is fantastic as side dishes or to cook with! The products are available at Rachelle-Béry, IGA, Avril supermarkets, marchés TAU stores.

Rawesome also accepts orders placed online in and around Montreal. 

Click here to order online, they do have the following promotional code: free shipping with orders over $60.

They are working currently to support the elderly and front-line healthcare staff, please visit their Facebook page for more information.

5. SpiceBros

SpiceBros food

Well, if you are a spice lover then SpiceBros is for you, they provide Indian cuisine along with a modern twist.

For the health and safety of their staff, visitors and general public, SpiceBors has opted to switch to online take-out orders and also customers can visit the restaurant and order food.

In the meantime you can also search for SpiceBros  on all delivery platforms such as Ubereats, Foodora, doordash and order your food.

Click here  to ORDER online.

Check out the latest Promotions and updated Menu.

6. Mandy’s Gourmet Salads

Mandy’s Gourmet Salads

To both the eyes and the tastebuds, Mandy’s Gourmet Salads are a treat, so if you are missing Mandy’s salads or their famous chocolate chip cookies here they are for you. 

Mandy’s is offering delivery all over Montreal via  UberEats, A la Carte Express and Foodora. Also you can place your pickup orders through phone or using their app available on all platforms and smartphones.

Visit Mandy’s website for more information including delivery of grocery items and food baskets. 

7. Damas

Damas, a well known restaurant in Montreal, has continued to serve their customers through limited take-out and delivery service

So if you are missing Dama’s Hot and Cold Mezzes, Charcoal grilled dishes or desserts, here are good news, the new opening hours of Damas will be from Wednesday to Sunday 4PM to 8PM, Orders through phone (514 439-5435) will be accepted from 12PM – 7PM.

Visit Take-Out Menu for a detailed Damas Menu.

8. Le 5e Cafe

Since 2017, Le 5e cafe has served the best coffee, and a range of dishes: sandwich, smoothie, dessert, salads and a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays which are a must try. Now you can get these dishes at your home through one click via delivery apps.

The 5th is available for rental for private events every day during opening hours and after the café closes.The rental cost for room is $250 during open hours and $50 for extra hours.

During this time when we are quarantined in our home, we can easily order online the best food icons of Le 5e. Here you can have a look at the menu and order online. The online shopping hours are from Tuesday to Friday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm) Saturday (9:00 am to 3:00 pm).

9. Sweet Lee’s


Sweet Lee’s is a renowned bakery, serving variety of fresh and delicious products to their customers. The restaurant is not only famous for its taste but also for the quality of food that they provide. Sweet lee’s offers other services like catering, they also accepts special orders for small or large gatherings or special events.

For now Sweet Lee’s has modified their menu and ordering process keeping in mind the unexpected epidemic outbreak. The store will remain open from Thursday to Sunday (9:00 am to 5:00pm ).

Click Here for the menu for the week.

However, this menu will be updated every week by Monday/Tuesday. To get the updates visit their website.

Sweet Lee’s is available to take orders in advance through Phone (  (514) 846-9318) or Email also they offer local delivery. You can also opt for online delivery options via UberEats and Skip the Dishes.

10. Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres has been preparing delicious vegan dishes for Montrealers for the last twenty years. Bowls and wraps are the most traditional dishes prepared here. Other products  included are sauces, proteins, snacks, and desserts, you can easily order online through their website. 

New service named Grocery Direct has been started by Aux Vivres, which will provide locally made groceries delivered to your door!

To learn more go to click here.

11. Omnivore

Omnivore offers healthy, affordable and tantalizing dishes inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, including grilled kafta skewers, vegetarian mezes & fresh juices.

Omnivore St Laurent and Omnivore St Denis are open monday to saturday noon to 9pm for pickup, delivery and take out and branch at 1 place ville marie is closed. Omnivore also provides food delivery through Ubereats, Foodora and  A la carte express.

Tap here to get the Omnivore menu.

12. Well

If you’d like to try a totally homemade original-like meal, Well is the ideal place.You will have plenty of options before you jump on a conclusion,”carnivorous, vegan, gourmet, gluten-free. 

It opens from 8:00 am till 3:00 pm every Monday to Sunday. However, timing may vary because of COVID-19. For menu or contact details please visit the website.

13. Blackstrap BBQ

Blackstrap’s BBQ is southern style barbecue. Here the BBQ is served on a first-come, first-served basis as they prepare the quantity as much as the smokers can bear.

Eat in, take out and home delivery options (Uber Eats and Foodora) are available throughout the week. 

Reheating instructions for people who have chosen to carry out or deliver home are provided on the website.

14. La Banquise

Who does not like Poutine? Well, I am sure everybody  loves it! So, here is the best place where you can really seek.

La Banquise is a place offering a variety of food dishes but Poutine is their specialty.

Due to COVID-19 the opening hours have changed to 11:00 am to 1:00 am. But no worries as they offer to deliver food online through UberEats and Doordash. You can contact the restaurant through the email address and phone number provided in the website.

15. Uniburger

Whenever I think about the best burger in Montreal the only name that comes to my mind is “Uniburger”. As being quarantined many people might have missed Uniburger but no worries, here they are with online food delivering service. They are on numerous online food delivering platforms like: Uber Eats, Foodora, Skip the dishes. 

Tap on MENU to get the Uniburger menu, select and order your food.

16. Schwartz’s

Schwartz’s 514blog

This place is special because there is nothing like it. Not exactly vegetarian-friendly Schwartz’s is one of those must-do locations in Montreal. The smoked meat sandwich is stacked to the point of exploding. Tender, juicy with a perfect combination of spices. It’s as simple as that. Order medium. It’s the best.

Schwartz’s – Montreal Deli
3895 Boul. Saint-Laurent
Montréal QC H2W 1X9

17. Brit & Chips

britandchips 514Blog

Brit & Chips combines the best elements of traditional Chippy, incorporating some of Montreal’s local flavour and style. The effect, however, is a beautiful blend of the best Britain has to offer, with a little Quebec spice.

You can find the best menu 

The menu includes a variety of dishes and combos. 

Brit & Chips accepts online orders via Foodora.

18. Barroco

Barroco offers Appetizers and Main course meals but for now Barroco is closed for dine-in, but you can still choose to take-out or deliver home.

You can choose to call (514 544-5800) Barroco and place an order for pick-up, as well as you can choose to get food delivered at your place through Uber Eats or Doordash.

The restaurant remains open from Thursday to Sunday from 5:00 to 9:00 pm.

19. Pizza Pizza

For pizza lovers There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap. Pizza pizza is very popular across Canada Since 1967 they’ve been making fantastic pizza.

Along the way, they have expanded from coast to coast to more than 750 restaurants, becoming a respected brand and pioneer in the food service industry,since you are home and quarantined why not order the tastiest pizza.

Order your pizza right away and yes, you can also opt for take out.

20. Five Guys

The first five guys restaurant opened in 1986, since then it’s been 30 years and now

There are currently 1,500 locations worldwide, they are very popular for their Burgers and the fact is they only use fresh ground beef and they make everything in peanut oil.

They are available for delivery and pick-up orders, tap to place online order .

21. Station Cafe W

Cafe Station W

Station W is the place that will always make you feel at home. Reason for your visit may vary, whether it is dinner with friends, visit for team work or just hang out for coffee, but the service and taste will be the same, and as always fresh. The must try product here is grilled-cheese also there are other homemade prodects with you would wanna try are pastries, sandwiches, salads-meals and obviously coffee.

Well, due to COVID-19 the cafe remained closed, but it is going to reopen from 1st May. The place will remain open from 9:00 am to 4:00pm therefor you can either visit the place for take out or you can opt for Online Delivery

22. Restaurant Les Pyrenees

The restaurant les pyrenees has a wonderful symbioses in between french and spanish culinary cultures. The Restaurant honours the Basque Country and Catalonia with its Paella, Cassoulet, Tuna and Seafood specialties.

Eat in and take out services are available in the restaurant, whereas for now no delivery options are available. Visit website for more details

23. L’Avenue

Restaurant L’Avenue has been a pure and simple spot for brunch and banquet lovers since 1994. L’Avenue is more than just a fine dining experience.

You can visit any of the four branches located  in Montreal, or If you wish to order or get more information about the restaurant, click on Contact

24. Bombay Mahal

The restaurant located at Jean-Talon serves delicious Indian dishes, in a cosy atmosphere that pays homage to India’s rich cultural heritage. You can find a variety of mouth watering dishes available in the menu.

Well, you can’t enjoy the restaurant atmosphere because of the epidemic but you can still enjoy delicious food. Just a click on your food delivering apps as doordash, uber eats, foodora and skip the dishes and you will get your food delivered at your doorsteps.

25. Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate 514Blog

This restaurant offers a casual dining experience and a wine bar for those who like it. There is a small room with seating arrangement next to the bar. Due to COVID-19 Le Diplomate has modified serving functions to pick up. Their updated menu will be posted on their  website as well as their Instagram and Facebook page.

Le Diplomate has a special offer that gives a 20% -25% discount on every wine if you buy a case of six or more.

26. Bistro L’Entrepont

The Bistro L’Entrepont has been open since 1985 and offers a variety of cuisine with a menu that differs according to the season. Bistro servies five varieties in their menu including desserts.

There are no changes in the restaurant’s opening hours, so you can always contact the restaurant before you visit, as timings may differ due to COVID-19.

Here you can check the Timetable and Menu

27. Philinos Restaurant 

The Philinos Restaurant is located near Parc, Mount Royal. Phillinos name itself suggests, “Friends of Wine”. All their dishes are inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, using fresh ingredients. They have dine in and reservation facilities, you can call (514-271-9099) them directly or fill out their Online Booking Form for reservation.