Best Montreal Restaurant

GO THERE EARLY. People just can’t get enough of this place. The line is crazy, sun, snow, rain or ice. But it worth it. It’s a bit of a student place and one should not worry about the decor. Important part is food and prices are good. Located near the Guy-Concordia metro (St. Mathieu exit) expect a good 20 min line up outside of the restaurant. Try spicy tuna kimbap, kimchi pancake and beef stir fry.

The flavors are incredible, the spice level is just right and the menu, though limited, is developed to perfection. The pork belly ramyun seems to be a big favorite closely followed by the seafood topokki.


La Capital Tacos

An interesting out-of- place in Montreal’s Chinatown is this Taco joint. It can get pretty crowded in there, but you can get some very authentic, tasty tacos for a fair price. Georgeous classic margaritas, tantalizing tacos, and mescal and maybe the best guacamole in Montreal. Highly recommend are the frijoles refritos, a delicious black bean puree with feta and served with tortillas; and the chicharron de queso, a crispy taco made entirely out of cheese! Gringa quesadilla with marinated pork and cheese and pineapple is crazy tasty.

Le Petit Alep

This restaurant is so popular a small waiting can last up to an hour. In the world of food in Montréal, some places like this one, have simply everthing going for itself. From the warm welcome when you walk in you can enjoy Syrian food at its finest. Even the kids have a good time. If you manage to get a table (no reservations) the dégustation menu is 28$ per adult and you get a whole 3 service of different meals to enjoy. Lamb, filet mignon, hummus and much more. We especially loved the Mouhamara and Moussaka.


Agrikol is a new dangerously fun Hipster-Haitian spot on Amherst in what looks like an apartment building. Decor reflects laid back Haitian culture and the back of the restaurant opens up the ceiling over two floors. Try the jerk chicken, avocado salad, beans and rice. Food is lovely and service is great. The restaurant is a great place to meet friends and enjoy the music and relax.

Ma Poule Mouillee

Lines often last up to 45min. Everyone agrees this place is better than Romados. Plates are huge. Chicken can’t be beat. Fries are amazing and so is the chorizo. What people often don’t mention is that they have amazing Natas and other typically Portuguese deserts. They are all fresh and made in house and just as good as the chicken and chorizo!


This place is special because there is nothing like it. Not exactly vegetarian-friendly Schwartz’s is one of those must-do locations in Montreal. The smoked meat sandwich is stacked to the point of exploding. Tender, juicy with a perfect combination of spices.  It’s as simple as that. Order medium. It’s the best.