1. Bota Bota

Bota Bota, a converted barge on the frozen river is not your conventional spa experience. It is a bucket list destination. Stunning views of Habitat 67 and Old Montreal are amazing. If one gets lucky enough to be in the hot pool as light snow is falling and steam is rising off the water Bota Bota really becomes a magical experience.


2. Scandinave Spa

Even though its located in the middle of Old Montreal it feels like the world outside does not exist. The smell of eucalyptus is always flowing in the steam, the lights are low and the lounge is a perfect relaxation area. The robes have hoods and the “absolute silence” rule is well protected.


3. Espace Nomad

A lovely maze-like location famous for its strong and deep massages Espace Nomad is a multi level bohemian-like place with colorful Indonesian touches. Very peaceful, very warm, intimate atmosphere and great staff.


4. Polar Bear’s Club

OK Polar Bear’s Club is not in Montreal but its so cool we had to add it here.  Less than 45 minutes from Montreal Nestled alongside the Simon River, at the heart of the Saint Sauveur Valley, The Polar Bear’s Club offers a romantic getaway and an invigorating Nordic bath experience in a natural environment. The river that flows along the beautiful site of the Polar Bear’s Club provides a natural pool where you can cool off. You really felt like you were somewhere special, really easy to forget about everything else. Numerous hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and cold pools. One of the 6 pools is a salted one.